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LovesVinyl Compilation EP Volume #14

July 27, 2020 4 min read

LovesVinyl compilation EP July 2020 - Online Vinyl Record Subscription Club

LovesVinyl Compilation EP: Picks for July

We are celebrating black artists this month, as well as Ireland’s ever expanding musical diversity. Music is what gets us through tough times - and thankfully we’re no short of artists and talent here in Ireland. The acts featured on this month’s LovesVinyl compilation EP, are inspiring artists who have carried on and kept creating through this pandemic, despite the turbulent industry that they have found themselves in.

With that in mind, we are excited to say that this month’s LovesVinyl compilation EP features vinyl exclusives, music from projects released over the last year and some forthcoming releases to look out for. In addition to a quick overview of the tracks and why we rate them, you can also find ways to support these Irish musicians below. The arts industry has taken a massive hit, but by continuing to support music in whatever ways we can, our artists can continue to create and give us something to look forward to.

Special shoutout to Grace Enemaku, who designed this month’s LovesVinyl compilation EP cover art. We are excited to have Grace’s work accompany July 2020’s EP, as the designer and illustrator from Dublin has certainly been making waves over the past while. From co-founding the ultimate female collective GXRL CODE to working on some pretty epic campaigns here in Ireland and abroad, Grace is a woman of many talents. Get in touch and check out her portfolio at

MuRli - No Exit

No Exit is a vinyl exclusive from MuRli’s EP ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’, which was released earlier this month on cassette and CD only. The seven track EP reflects on recent times, announcing the birth of a new decade and with it, a new era that seemingly has no exit. His lyrics and quality production make for an enjoyable record, ‘No Exit’ being one of our favourites. This track, that you won’t have the joy of listening to anywhere online, gets our LovesVinyl special EP off to a great start. Support MuRli on Bandcamp here.

God Knows (feat. Denise Chaila) - Tardis

From a forthcoming release to keep your eyes out for, God Knows offers ‘Tardis’, featuring Denise Chaila. If you were one of many who relied on the Other Voices Courage series to get your live music fix during lockdown, you will remember the iconic performance by Denise Chaila in the National Gallery of Ireland, who was accompanied by God Knows on the day.

This dream team from Limerick and Clare respectively, are back again with this track that we know you’ll love. In the meantime you can pre-order 'Who’s Asking? II', which drops August 28th on Bandcamp here.

Tolü Makay - Let Me In

This independent artist who was raised in Offaly but is now based in Dublin, dropped the stunning solo track ‘Let Me In’ in March of this year. This song is quite magical to experience on vinyl, as Makay’s sensual vocals proceed to make you melt for all the right reasons. If you love this sound, make sure to check out Tolü’s work with Zaska and Danny G & The Major 7ths and other projects on Bandcamp here.

UD - Felt (feat. Mick Jenkins)

Dublin rapper UD made his debut with FaR Collective in 2019 and ‘Fruitless Grapevine’ is his follow-up project. From the cover art to the production, UD really nailed it on the head with this one and it was quite hard to pick just one tune for July’s LovesVinyl compilation EP. In the end, we wanted to feature ‘Felt’, featuring a guest verse from Chicago heavyweight Mick Jenkins. We can’t wait to see what UD does next... Support him on Bandcamp here.

Tomike - You Don’t Really Rate Me

‘You Don’t Really Rate Me’ is a funky tune by Irish singer Tomike, which was released late last year. It appears on her debut EP ‘Stages of Love’ which highlights this artist's vocal abilities and definitely reminded us of Ms. Erykah Badu.

Tomike’s music is heavily influenced by the RnB greats and you can truly hear the old soul in her voice, when she sings so effortlessly on tracks like this. As well as being catchy, the lyrics will empower you if you’re looking to cut out negative energy in your life, which we’re all about in 2020. Keep an eye out for new releases on Tomike’s Spotify here.

BARQ - Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)

The agro-soul four-piece band from Dublin released the track officially in March of this year, right after the world was instructed to stay at home. ‘Not Touching (Can’t Get Mad)’ is a perfect example of the eclectic sound variations that BARQ brings to the table.

The band is made up by drummer Stephen McHale, bassist Neil Dorrington, drummer Tommy Gray and their frontwoman, Jess Kavanagh - the driving force of this group, with a fierce voice and an incredible amount of experience singing with some of Ireland’s top musicians. This song fits nicely into this month’s LovesVinyl compilation EP and we are delighted to have BARQ’s energy to close it out. Support BARQ on Bandcamp here.

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