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LV15 Compilation EP

September 24, 2020 4 min read

LV15 Compilation EP

In this month’s delivery, you will have received our LovesVinyl #15 curated EP. When our world became quite surreal in March of this year, with news of the global pandemic and the strict lockdowns that we would have to deal with in different ways - times were tough and continue to be for many. However, there was and still is an incredible sense of community here in Ireland.


Despite being one of the most seriously impacted industries, countless artists from around the country (and of course Irish abroad) came together to create. While we would have loved to include all of the amazing creations that came out of an odd period in our lives, we decided to put together a selection of them especially for our LovesVinyl subscription members. From energetic to poignant, this EP will take you on a heartfelt journey that we know you’ll enjoy with the September delivery.


Sun Collective - Roots

This track comes from Sun Collective’s latest project ‘Move \ Remove’ and it sets off the tone of this month’s LovesVinyl EP just perfectly. The five-piece include Caimin Gilmore (Lisa Hannigan), Patrick O’Laoghaire (I Have a Tribe), Kevin Corcoran (Villagers), Dominic Mullan (Mary Coughlan) and Oisín Peelo Walsh (Hudson Taylor).


Their skill and experience combined has resulted in a smooth, mature and masterful sound, ‘Roots’ being a great example of this. And believe us, the piano and vocals on this soothing song sound so beautiful on vinyl.


Check out more about Sun Collective on their website.


Maria Kelly & Choir - Stitches

We were brought back in time with this beautiful track, but with a new twist. Maria Kelly is an alt-folk singer from Mayo, who is now based in Dublin. Listed as one of The Irish Times ‘50 People To Watch’ in 2016, the singer has been building her musical repertoire and fan base since then, with an album currently in the making.


Released in 2016, ‘Stitches’ takes you to a somber but sweet place, as Maria expresses a difficult time between two people on the track. This new, arranged choir version of ‘Stitches’ was curated by Theodora Byrne and we have the pleasure of including it on our LV15 E.P. The addition of the choir, which came together online during lockdown, blew away Maria and she had this to say about the piece: “This song is nearly five years old and it never stops surprising me with how far it’s traveled and how many people continue to connect with it.


Check out more about Maria Kelly on her Facebook.



ALDOC - Distance

If you haven’t already heard of ALDOC, they are one of the most unique sounds you may ever hear. Made up of talented musicians from different parts of the globe, ALDOC are the perfect example of genre jumping - but a lesson in how to make it work. Made up of Irish man Alan Doherty who co-founded Gráda (Flute) and New Zealander Gerry Paul (Guitars & Banjo), the two have a long standing friendship and playing history together.


‘Distance’ was another lockdown creation, which was released in May of this year. Their global sound is evident on this instrumental, lively and fun track - which has a contemporary yet traditional Irish flare, mixed with jazzy sounds and a small but sweet narrative which you can tell came from the heart during the madness of the pandemic.


Check out more about ALDOC on their Facebook.









Chief Keegan - The Slippery Kipper

This four-piece, instrumental funk band from Dublin, have a bluesy sound with a deep groove. Made up of musicians deeply embedded in the Irish music scene, band members have played with bands such as James Vincent McMorrow, The RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Mik Pyro, Zaska, Loah, Laoise, Akora, Sive, CC Brez and many more.


‘Slippery Kipper’, their latest release, is also the final track off their new EP. This one is funky as hell and is also accompanied by a great video of the guys jamming out, made by Dock Visual. The groove on this Chief Keegan track will no doubt lift your spirits


Check out more about Chief Keegan on their Facebook.

The New Brass Kings - Respect

Also known as ‘DNBK’, this brass band are known for their deadly covers ranging from Led Zeppelin to chart toppers over the years, always giving songs a new twist. The funky crew is made up by Fiachra Kinder (Drums), Conall Ó Maonaigh (Sousaphone), Adam Kenny (Trombone), Mason McMillen (Tenor Sax), Kev Foran (Trumpet) and Gavin Hodson (Alto Sax).


DNBK would be normally quite busy performing at events and surprising people on the streets of Dublin, Cork and beyond. But like most of us, they had to keep themselves busy during the pandemic and the track they put together in May, is the one that made it to our LovesVinyl EP. Their cover of ‘Respect’ by the iconic Aretha Franklin, is another lockdown gem which we know you will love.


Check out more about DNBK on their Facebook.



The Don't Leave Your House Band - Hold The Line

To close this month’s LovesVinyl EP, we included another deadly cover, this time it’s Hold The Line by Toto. The original track was released in 1978, but this 2020 version by some very talented homegrown artists is a nice piece of work. The Don’t Leave Your House Band was curated by Joe Furlong and the musician said he wanted to bring his talented friends together, as they were really missing music during lockdown.


The vocals are led by Caoimhe DeBarra (aka Caoi Barry of the powerhouse group Wyvern Lingo) and the rest of this amazing virtual band consists of Ciara O'Connor (Backing Vocals), Theodora Byrne (Backing Vocals), Alannah Hewitt (Backing Vocals), Fiachra Kinder (Drums), Joe Furlong (Bass), CC Brez (Guitar), Lar Kaye (Guitar) and Oisin Walsh-Peelo (Keys).


You can see the video of this performance  here.


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