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LovesVinyl Record Subscription August: Discovery Pick

August 14, 2020 3 min read

LovesVinyl Record Subscription August: Discovery Pick

This month’s Discovery selection is ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ by Mac DeMarco on vinyl.

Each of our vinyl record subscription deliveries come with a premium quality album, an exclusive compilation EP and a bonus gift. August 2020’s discovery choice is featured below.

Discovery Record Feature: Artist Overview

DeMarco grew up in British Columbia and as a kid, he was encouraged and taught by his grandmother to play guitar and began his creative career from that point on. After finding his style through various projects, bands and music experiments - the record label Captured Tracks signed DeMarco in early 2012.

Taking inspiration from artists like Ariel Pink, Jonathan Richman, John Maus, Shuggie Otis, the Banshees and Japanese musician Haruomi Hosono - his sound has been described as slacker rock, laid back indie or as he himself says “jizz-jazz”. If one thing’s for sure, DeMarco is far from the mainstream and has a very loyal fan base. He recently sold out two shows in Vicar Street, Dublin and put on an incredible gig, the second show being an extra date added due to phenomenal demand.

In 2014 DeMarco released his second studio album ‘Salad Days’ and then ‘This Old Dog’ in 2017 - which some say were the real kickstarters of his career and where he gained recognition as a talented singer-songwriter. As well as being a deadly multi-instrumentalist and writing easy going but clever lyrics, Mac’s down-to-earth-ness and relatable, witty stage presence are what makes this guy so special. He is also known for using vintage gear to make his music, which is one of the reasons that we think it’s best to appreciate Mac DeMarco on vinyl.

Discovery Record Feature: Album Overview

In 2019, his fourth studio album ‘Here Comes the Cowboy’ was released to the world, with the first single being the delightful ‘Nobody’. For such a sweet sounding song, the lyrics actually look at the cons of finding fame as DeMarco reflects on how the music industry can chew up and spit out young artists like himself. Other notable tracks include ‘Finally Alone’, ‘Preoccupied’ and ‘All of Our Yesterdays’ - all of which are clearly influenced by Mac’s interest in delving into sounds of the past from artists like the Beatles and Elton John.

This month’s discovery album was released on his own label, aptly named ‘Mac’s Record Label’ and is full to the brim with his signature style tracks. Lullaby-like vocals, flat drums with low frequency bass guitars and poetic lyrics about the simplest things, that seemingly anyone can relate to. In no way phased with his celebrity, ability to sell out tours and headline massive festivals around the world, DeMarco has always been ahead of his years and stays true to the art of producing music. The artist records the majority of his work on reel-to-reel tape recorders and you can really hear the authenticity of his craft throughout ‘Here Comes the Cowboy’. If you’re unfamiliar with his work and would like to experience Mac DeMarco on vinyl, this album is the perfect start.

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