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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to buy vinyl online but don’t know where to start, our monthly record subscription club does the work for  you. Starting from only €29 per month, you can expect the following items:


These are carefully curated and pressed in our Dublin Vinyl plant and will be sure to help build the ultimate record collection. You can pick from one of the three categories: Essential, Irish or Discovery. Each month will present different albums, from must have classics to exclusive rarities. You can expect to see records from local and international artists or labels, from the biggest names to the newest ones.


Exclusive to our members, which means you won’t find one of these on any other online record store. The LovesVinyl Series features tracks from artists that we love - usually brand new, hidden treasures that are making waves in the industry.


Sure, you could just buy vinyl online from any old place… or you can join our exclusive record subscription club and get an awesome gift each and every month. This little cherry on top will vary each time and can range from test pressings to promos, merchandise, art, and accessories.

So to confirm, you will always get three items in your monthly subscription delivery. Nice one.

Yes, you can choose from our curated selection of 3 records every month, or swap for any previous record, and customise your box with additional exclusives & accessories from our store.

Yes, that’s no problem at all. If you wish to change to a different genre, you can do so in our vinyl record subscription customer portal. Just login, update your next choice and look forward to plugging into a new sound very soon. You’ll stay on your most recently selected genre until you change again.

No, you can’t choose your exclusive EP or bonus gift - but there’s a good reason. We like to offer that element of surprise to our record subscription club members, by specially curating these EPs. The aim is to spread the love of artists and hidden gems that we think you will really enjoy. As for the gift - sure, it wouldn’t be a gift if you could choose it! :)

There are options for anyone who’s keen to buy vinyl online and develop their ultimate record collection. There are no hidden charges, we’ll never bill you without your confirmation, and you are free to cancel at any time. Here are our price plans:

Pay monthly for a recurring vinyl record subscription box: €33 per month

Pay €96 every 3 months for a vinyl record subscription: (equivalent to €32 per month)

Pay €186 every 6 months for a vinyl record subscription: (equivalent to €31 per month)

Pay €348 annually for a vinyl record subscription: (equivalent to €29 per month)

Whatever option you go for, you will be charged on the day that you join our record subscription club, for the following month’s LovesVinyl box. Depending on your subscription, you will then be charged on the 1st of the next billing month after that initial purchase.

Each LovesVinyl box ships in the first week of the month. You will receive an email with your tracking number when the box has been sent out. If you haven’t received an email and you know it’s past the record subscription club due dates, please contact us on

Shipping is free with An Post for LovesVinyl members based in Ireland and with Royal Mail in the UK.

If you are located in Europe, the USA or Canada, shipping is only €10.

Members outside any of the above locations will be charged at €20 per shipment.

If you purchase a pre-paid subscription, shipping cost (where applicable) will be charged separately each month.

As an Irish owned, online record subscription club, we’re proud to be working with both big and small international labels and artists. There will always be a varied mix of classics, essentials, new albums and artists that we love.

If you have received an email to let you know that your LovesVinyl box is on the way and it hasn’t arrived within 5 days (in Ireland or the UK), please get in touch with us on We use a courier service to ship the boxes, so issues (while rare) are generally quickly resolved.

If you live farther afield it may take a little longer, but do check in with us if you feel you’ve been waiting too long. We’re here to help.

If you need to cancel your monthly vinyl record subscription for any reason, that’s no problem. Just get in touch with us at and we’ll look after it for you. You will then receive a cancellation receipt by email.

If you’d like to keep your LovesVinyl subscription live but simply skip a month, this can be done easily through your record subscription customer portal. You can continue to skip monthly, until it suits you to carry on expanding your ultimate record collection again.

If your box is damaged, you can freepost it back to us. Simply select ‘Dublin Vinyl’ from the dropdown at this link [], and follow the steps provided.

Treating someone to our record subscription club is a lovely idea. Click here to view the gift options but before you go, here’s another recap of the price plans:

Pay €96 every 3 months for a vinyl record subscription: (equivalent to €32 per month)

Pay €186 every 6 months for a vinyl record subscription: (equivalent to €31 per month)

Pay €348 annually for a vinyl record subscription: (equivalent to €29 per month)

Yes. Shipping to the UK and Ireland is free. There is a surcharge for shipping outside of these countries. Europe, USA & Canada is an additional €10, and everywhere else is €20 per shipment.

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