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Welcome to LovesVinyl the brand-new record club from Dublin Vinyl Record Pressing.    

To access your complimentary 6 month
 Gift subscription
Please follow these steps below
  1. Please click on the Add to Cart button above
  2. Then click checkout to fill out your details
  3. You will need to add the unique code on the card you received with your record in the discount code section. Then click Apply.
  4. Click on Continue to payment method. 
  5. Then to finish click on compete order. 
If you have any problems please get in touch with us on 
We can't wait to send you out some tasty vinyl every month.


What do I get every month?

You will get all of this delivered to your door every month…

carefully curated help you build your collection. Essentials, Classics, Rare and Exclusives from local and international labels, big and small.
For members only and not available in any stores, the LovesVinyl Series features tracks from artists we love. Brand new and hidden treasures.
Varying each month and ranging from Test Pressings to Promos, Merchandise, Art, and Accessories.

Do I get a choice in what I get?

Yes, each month you get to choose from three specially selected, Limited edition albums.
Choose one and we'll ship that together with our specially curated Loves Vinyl EP and a Bonus Collectible.
We'll send you an email to let you know the albums we've selected each month. You can then log into your account and swap it for one of the other Limited-Edition Album titles up to the specific cut-off date.   

Can I choose my EP and Bonus Gift?

No, you can’t choose your exclusive EP, as we specially curate each one for our members every month in order to spread the Love of Artists and hidden gems that we think you’ll really enjoy. You can’t choose your gift. Sure, it wouldn’t be a gift if you could choose it! :-)

How much will I be charged every month?

You will be charged €29,00 every month if you book a one-month subscription box, or pre-pay for 3 months you will be charged €84, for 6 months you will be charged €162.00 and for 12 months you will be charged €300.

What date will I be charged every month?

You will be charged the day you subscribe and then the same date every month after. The cut-off date for the boxes is the 20th of every month, if you sign up after that date you will get your box the following month.

When are they shipped? 

Each LovesVinyl box ships at the end of every month. You will receive an email when the box has been sent out. If you haven’t received an email and you know it’s past the date please contact us on

How much does shipping cost?

Free to Ireland & the UK. 

What labels are you working with?  What kind of music can I expect?

We’re working with big and small International labels and Artists.
There will be a varied mix of classics, essentials, new albums and artists that we love.
Our store has a great selection of vinyl too. We haven't pressed them all but really hope to in the future.    

Where are my records?

If you have received an email to let you know your Loves Vinyl box is on the way and it hasn’t arrived within 5 days (if you’re in Ireland or UK) We use a courier service to ship the boxes, so if they couldn’t deliver it for some reason and the note they left may have been misplaced. Please get in touch with us on

How do I cancel / freeze my subscription? 

If you need to cancel or freeze your subscription for any reason, that’s no problem.
Just get in touch with us at and we’ll look after it for you. You will then receive a subscription cancellation receipt by email.

Can I return or exchange what you send me?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer returns or exchanges. You get to choose your limited-edition album every month, we will send out an email for you to log in to choose.

Can I gift a subscription for a friend? 

You sure can, click here to view the gift subscriptions, which brings you to the gift page, where you can gift a subscription for:

  • 3 months at €28.00 per month
  • 6 months at €27.00 per month
  • 12months at €25.00 per month

Or if you want to pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions at the same prices.

Do you deliver to International address?

At the moment we will only be shipping to Ireland and the UK, but we will be delivering globally very soon – watch this space. If you are living outside these countries and want to inquire about shipping, get in touch with us at


We are only shipping to Ireland and the UK currently. If you are living outside Ireland or the UK and want to inquire about shipping please get in touch with us at

Free shipping for subscriptions

Shipping is free to Ireland and the UK for all subscription boxes and gift subscriptions.

Shipping fees for records

Shipping from our Shop is currently only shipping within Ireland. It's free when you buy 3 or more Albums.

Prices for 1 and 2 records are:

  • 1 x LP: €3.60
  • 2 x LP: €4.45
  • 3 x LP: FREE
Loves Vinyl Gift Subscription (6 months) - Friends
Loves Vinyl Gift Subscription (6 months) - Friends
Loves Vinyl Gift Subscription (6 months) - Friends